Sunday Morning Sun


Beauty is as beauty does.

The bare, soft shoulders

my arm rests on,

as we lay


and the day

has yet to become

a smile,

or a disaster.

The reflections

of our hearts,

or our actions,

and what happens after.

I know we’re gonna slow it down.

Linger on these moments

and let the morning settle out.

No words,

just touching skin.

Speaking to each other

in a language

that our souls understand.

Light comes in

and the day

seems calm,

but we’re not

hurrying on.

Right here,

right now,

this is the place.

The moment

of our getaway.

Your breathing,

heart beating,

I can feel it

with my being.

We’re alive,

and savoring the feeling.

Of you

and I

being in this life


Wishing this moment

would last forever.



DJR – 2023

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