In The Mountains


I don’t see anything

in the darkness of my dreams.

But, I can feel everything

tearing me at the seams.

When there’s only parts of me,

and I am no longer whole,

I’ll tell you where my heart should be,

where I want to keep my soul.

You can stretch my skin out

over the mountains.

Scatter my bones in the river

and hide

my flesh in the forests,

and in the high valley

is where my soul will reside.

I don’t see anything

without the crystal in my hand.

I was born in the wild,

but I’m dying a domesticated man.

Soul broken,

without the touch of the sky.

So, I’m hoping

that when I die,

you’ll stretch my body out

up in the mountains,

somewhere you can hear

the river run clean,

and where the trees reach upwards,

amongst the blue and green.

Let me be

forever part of the place

that I remember,

but cannot see.

This new world is bright,

but it’s too dark for me.



DJR – 2023

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