Deep Garbage



put my mind at ease.

Let my soul come clean,

as I make my way

out into deep garbage.

I can’t say why

my path leads me inside

a place that I

have long avoided.

You tell me

that there’s some truth

in there

that I

must recover from the pit.

And so,

I go,

to get deep inside of it.

The black morass

of rotten, putrid shit.

I’m sorry, Lord

if I curse,

but there’s no end to it.

I didn’t fit


with the world they made.

I tried my whole life

to thrive inside a cage,

but the wild world outside

always called my name.

So, I listened to the song

an saw Your face.

You set me a task

that I feared to attempt.

I didn’t want to leave the comforts

of my tents.

But You have

strange ways

of speaking plain,

and soon,

I found myself out in the rain.

Asking You

to set my mind at ease.

Begging You to make me clean,

before I set out on this

voyage for truth,

and go out into the deep garbage,

for You.

I must be

so equipped.

Perhaps my sins

make me the perfect candidate.

Not one of those

You felt inclined to just acquit,

but use me, Lord

in any way that You see fit.

I’ll go,

there’s no other way for it.



DJR – 2023

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