Cemetary Gone


Walking through the iron gates,

headstones in my wake.

They say the dead will have their day,

but what a way to celebrate.

They say the lost have their songs

when the time has come to find them gone.

Peaceful dreams idle along.

Do they really know what’s going on?

This isn’t getting any easier.

The ghosts don’t weigh much,

but their stories take their toll.

Would it be better just to leave them here,

or keep on carrying them with me

down the road?

Thought death would be the hardest thing,

turns out living a good life is giving

all that I can find and all I bring

to the fire for forgiving.

Pass the threshold and I’m gone again,

only my shoulders to hold all my pain,

and a thousand songs that sound the same.

The cemetery gates say goodbye today.

I’m away and I’m alone.

With my ghosts I roam.



DJR – 2023

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