Watch it call come down.

Settle out.

We’re gonna crawl out of the ashes.

What then?

God knows

I don’t know.

A revival?

A rejuvenation?

Today, the sky is clear and blue.

Not gonna wonder

about the afternoon.

Not gonna fade away

in the interlude.

It’s clear today

what I must do.

Prayed for purpose

and purpose I received.

More than I feel

I can accomplish, honestly.

But I will grit my teeth,

and push on.

The day is more than just another dawn.

Pain is more that just a wound.

Hope is more than just the truth.

Love is more than anybody understands.

It is the real work of our hands,

and our hearts,

and our souls.

We don’t control much,

but what we touch,

what we create,

what we appreciate,

all make the place

where we live out our days.

It’s coming down.

That much is plain to see.

A war in Heaven,

playing out in our dreams.

So quickly we

make this reality,

unaware of the calamity.

No stress, no fear,

no anxiety.

Whatever shall be,

shall be,

and if we are here

on the day that it appears,

then we will embrace

our fate, graciously.

It’s okay

to wish it all away,

but that doesn’t mean

that we can abstain.

The purpose clear,

the work is plain.

We have so much to do




DJR – 2023

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