Mental Health Monday – 09.18.23



You should be embarrassed.
You should be uncomfortable.
You should be painfully aware of all of your inadequacies and shortcomings, and they should torment you when you see them.

They should make you angry.
They should make you want to be better.
They should make you want to work harder to be the person that you are capable of being if you loved yourself enough to do so.

You should get out of your comforrt zone and feel foolish doing something for the first time because you suck at it. That embarrassment should make you want to work hard so that you don’t suck. Then, when you think you don’t suck at that thing anymore, you find someone so much better than you that you feel that you need to start pushing again.

Don’t hide from the bad feelings. They’re there for a reason. They aren’t there because you are a bad person who is irredeemable, quite the opposite – they are there to help.

If you were truly lost, you would feel nothing.

So, embrace the voice that tells you that you could be more than you give yourself credit for. Your subconscious knows the potential that you ignore. Stop ignoring it!

Have a great week!

Be safe.
Be well.

Much love!


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