Cold Shower Comes


Ask me why I’m awake.

I guess I could

seek for an answer.

A voice called me

from my dreams

into this world

for some reason.

Run the body,

break a sweat.

Push that new ritual,

and when I’m spent,

realize that I

haven’t been awake

in a long time.

Cold shower comes.

No recourse

and no resistance.


there is a crystal revelation,

and a moment

of startling clarity.

Am I awake now?

I think I am.

Later, I am chasing breakers.

Finding frustration

on the shoreline.

The same jagged cliff

my father played a long

as a child.

Atlantic grey swells,

and a fortress sky

find me standing.

at the edge again.

No hope.

No sorrow.

Only my eyes

and the endless tumult.


in crashing waves

and impenetrable clouds.

Cold shower comes.

Salt spray,

driven by a Northeast wind,

and I think I am awake again.

Step back

from the edge.

The sea and sky

will wait

for another day.

If I am awake,

I will go back to my dreams,

and if I am dreaming,

I have nothing to fear,

until the next cold shower comes.



DJR – 2023

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