A Smile in The Morning


Creeping along that razor’s edge.

Insect steps on a spider’s web.

So much going on in my head,

I just lay awake in bed.

Sleep in the day

and wake in the dark.

Time to get praying

when the thinking starts.

The seconds and hours

seem so far apart.

It didn’t used to be this hard.


and I think that I can see you

in the morning

before the light

burns away my dreams.

Is it too late

for us to continue

living all the chances

we could take?

Or we just going to blame

all our mistakes?

I’m no good

at pretending to be happy,

and you’re no good at lying.

When the sun comes up,

and you awake,

you will find me

somewhere close to you




DJR – 2023

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