The Hourglass


Neon pyramids.

Neural net sky.

Albion sinks below,

an acolyte above.

Surface of the sands,

once as smooth as glass,

broken now,

like the shards

of a shattered heart.

Who will smash

the hourglass?

Who will be the one when the time comes?

To speak first

with the last,

and be over the horizon

before the moon breaks.

Long, intersecting lines.

We thought that we had rendered reality

so thoughtfully,

but there is always

a tear in the fabric,

a snake in the garden.

Truth in the lie

is a telltale sign

there are sharks in the water.


and it all goes back

to normal.

At least,

nothing interfering

with the code.


you and I know we can feel

every grain

slip through

and crash down

on our world

like an asteroid.

It’s no wonder

we’re out of our minds.

We live


by straight lines,

bright lights,

and lies.

Break time.

It’s the only way out.



DJR – 2023

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