Springs Eternal


Bathe in forgiveness.

It rolls down

tumbling mountains

and washes the body clean.

Soul succor.

Pour out

those viscous elixirs

that eddy up in our backwaters

and show,

once again,

the pitcher clear.

Cause and effect.

No one thing

happens without another,

and forgiveness

is much the same.

It is in a crevice

at the base

of a high cliff.

No one gets there

by accident.

That is why

its waters remain clear

That is why

its spring still runs

and no pedestrian vessel

falls into its current.

Although it has been visited

for thousands of years,

you will find

no trace of mans presence

upon it.

It remains wild,


and hidden from the casual gaze.

But its freshwater touch

cures illness,


and neuroses.

It springs

from the true heart

of existence.

Pain exists aplenty,

and this world

soils the skin

and soaks in deep

into the soul.


springs eternal

upon the mountain,

and it flows

all year round.



DJR – 2023

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