The Grey Range Podcast – Ep. 2 w/Mike Rak

Well, shit.

Looks like I never did share Episode 1 of The Grey Range Podcast, with Mike Rak.

Mike is a martial arts instructor, and firearms instructor, a good friend, and a lifelong student of all things savage and wonderful.

Lucas Orich joins me as co-host on this interview, as his relationship with Mike Rak goes back further than mine, and it made sense for him to be part of the conversation.

This episode was recorded back in late May 2023 and published to YouTube in June. The work on learning video editing, recording, and all that goes with the podcast world still continues.

New episodes are coming, with people from the community that I call “Home”. As always, I hope to be able to have good conversations with good people, and let them share their stories.

Links to the relevant pages are in the description.

Come see.

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