Summer’s Gone


Ask me if it’s enough.

I’ll tell you it never was.

Summer’s gone

and we’re still going strong,

at least it seems that way

to us.

Deep down, we both know

we’ve missed the stars at night,

and all those sins

we take in

will never be satisfied.

Another July burned,

and August turned to ash.

September comes


like it always does

and we fall back.

Into those old routines.

Still sleeping on our dreams.

Easy as it becomes

to tell ourselves

that Summer’s gone,

we still look

in our rearview mirrors

and try to catch the Sun

as it slips down

past the horizons

we always seem

to keep around.

Next year,

we say we’ll get it done.

Next year,

we say we’ll live it up.

Next year,

we pray we’re here

to feel the sun.

But today will have to be enough,

because summer’s gone.



DJR – 2023

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