Wreckage and Flames


It’s late

and I’m overdrawn.

Too drunk

to think about withdrawals.

Too early

for me to call,

but I look you up

and stare at your picture.

Makes me want

to throw my phone away,

but I can’t afford

anymore mistakes.

The straight and narrow

arrows of misfortune

have always been

of my own making.

Is it too late

to change my mind?

Feel like I’m walking

the wrong line.

This one isn’t mine,

but I’ve made my way

so far along it

it’s starting to feel right.

Makes me want

to throw it all away,

but if I did,

would you give case?

Follow me down

all the way

to the ground.

Would you join me

in my wreckage and my flames?

Maybe I can wait

a few more hours

until you wake.

Making any call

in this state

is just a waste.

Close my eyes

and let my breath escape.

When I wake,

we’re gonna talk.

Either that,

or I’m gonna fall.

We’ll see

if I have the guts to call.

I know this isn’t fair to you at all.



DJR – 2023

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