Sports and Weather


Stop the psyops.

Call the cops.


We’ll deal

with it in our own house,

our own streets,

where good and evil meet.

Try that in a small town,

try eating the concrete.

No sleep.

Urban or rural,

the divide’s alive.

No more “boy”, or “girl”,

just a strange malaise

blazed like a new

strain of haze.

Chocolate Kush,

how can they push

their ideas on everyone,

if every hand holds a gun?

If every heart holds love,

then how can we make them jump

when we ask, “How high?”

High enough to bring down the sky

upon their heads.

Reality check.

This shit never ends.

Create shock

to buy stock,

live off the dividends.

Feed war,

machine more

implements of destruction.

Education waylaid for instruction.

Amplify indoctrination.

Make no mistake,

it’s been this way

since before there were nations.

What you see currently

is just a change on the face

of the currency.

Trafficking people has always been done,

that’s why we bleed money.

The ultimate resource.

The real source of power.

The reason evil men cower

in the face

of God’s Grace,

because His light devours hate.

No fate.

No state.

Just a basic base.



Networks built on Faith.

No wonder they’re afraid.

Rich men north of Richmond,

and men in high castles

know that their hour is late.

Endgame time.

High minds

and underhanded plans.

Deal with devils

and otherworldly men.

Transactions come due,

come through,

or come back.

No escape

from the coming attack.

Put God in front,

the whole world on your back.

An Atlas map,

when the way we’re shown,

and the apps on our phones

are a trap.

Keep a clear mind,

a light heart,

and full hands.

The devil’s just a detail

in God’s plan.

But we’ll pull each other down

if we don’t stand.



we’re just talking sports and weather, man.



DJR – 2023

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