Big Exhale


Big exhale.

Drop the shoulders

and take that weight off

for a little while.

Noise in your head

gives way to the sound

of the kettle boiling

and the birds in the tree outside.

When was the last time

you truly


From you?

From them?

From this?

From everything?

Been too long,

just listening

to your tinnitus.

Ears ringing

and the present,

dull and impotent.

Time to be

baptized again.

Go back to the earth,

the sky,

and the wild.

There has been

no comfort for you here,

and what is here

you have lost touch with.

Time to take the layers down.

Disappear into the forest

for a little while.

Chase down

that mountain child again

and know clean air,

clean water,

and freedom.

Big exhale.

Let’s go.



DJR – 2023

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