Mental Health Monday – 08.28.23


Imagine never doubting yourself.

Imagine always making the right decisions.

Imagine having the knowledge, discipline, compassion, and strength, to learn, lead, and love, and lift up others.

Imagine approaching every situation in life with both the quiet confidence of the adept and the wide-eyed wonder of a child.

Imagine yourself in any situation, then imagine yourself acting in that situation, in what you would describe to yourself as the “ideal” response.

What is the difference between you and that person?

They are both you, are they not?

What does that version of you possess that the current you do not?

Is it possible for you to do one single thing, right now, today, to move yourself closer to being more like that person?

Each of us has an ideal version of ourselves. Fact is, we’re scared to reach for it. We’re scared to sacrifice our comfort to get there, and we’re terrified of failing. We’re also afraid of becoming something altogether different from what we are. We fear we will lose our place, our circle, our touchstones.

This is not the case.

We are made of such sterner stuff than we know. We need only put ourselves to the test to see just how strong we are.

It starts in our minds.

We have only to imagine.

Have a great week!

Be safe.
Be Blessed.

Much love!


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