Questions for the World


What words,

What song,

or melody

might prove

this life in pen?

What long road,

or far off

distant horizon?

What touch?

What skin?

What breath,

might open up

my eyes

a little wider?

What color?

What shape?

What flavor

might incite

the revelation coming?

The search always remains.

Some say

there is a completeness

at the end

of the long drive.

That may be true,

but I have always

been one

to become

listless quickly,

as if I consume

my reserves

of answers

too soon

and I am left

with that eternal void

of questions.

What morning

might be the one

that yields inspiration?

What night

might be the last?

What words

will come to me

in the moment?

Will I


to remember them?

Just a man

with his words

and his questions

for the world.



DJR – 2023

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