Don’t overcomplicate it.

It is what you make it.

So many mistake it

for what they want,

and break it.

Imagine standing naked

in the dark and cold,

dead hands grasping at you

from the unknown.

Imagine being trapped

in famine and destruction.

All the pain and disarray

of total aggression.

Remember when

you lost your friend?

No end to loneliness then.

A lover gone,

a pain without a border.

Chaos from order.

All we understand

is that we want it over.

Things are so simple then,

aren’t they.

Through the chaos,

through the disarray.

Now you’re here

in your comfortable state,

looking for things

to overcomplicate.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Something must have damaged you

to look at all this ease

and seek to find out where it’s weak

to try to bring it down.

Or maybe it’s your gift

to take a shit on all of this

and make us miss

when times were simpler.


comes with pain,

and blood and flames,

so maybe it’s inevitable.

But who

died and made you

the arbiter of change,

the coming “Peace Destroyer?”


remember how

it used to be so simple?

We don’t have to burn it down

over things so trivial.


when violence starts,

all anybody wants

is for it to be over.

It doesn’t get

much simpler

than that kind of exposure.

Do you really want to go

back to square one?

do you really want

the end to come?

Life is as simple

as you make it.

Don’t overcomplicate it.



DJR – 2023

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