Old Songs


Old songs

still echo down these halls.

No one’s smoked in here

in thirty years,

but I can still smell

the Lucky Strike’s

and Pall Mall’s.

I can still see

folks dressed up

in their uptown best,

and I can hear

the band play those old songs

as if they never left.

I can still taste

bootleg whiskey

like it was yesterday.

I can still feel

the way my tailored suit

fit me perfectly.

I can still remember

the look in your eye

when the band struck up

to play

one of those old songs

and we’d dance the night away.

I can still taste

your kiss,

and smell your perfume.

I can still feel

my eyes get wide,

and my breath catch,

the first time

you walked into this room.

Stepped into my life

like some kind

of gift from God,

and then

one of those old songs

comes on,

and I remember that you’re gone.

This old place

is just an empty shell.

Full of memories

and that old cigarette smell,

but otherwise

it sits empty.

Time for us ghosts to move on.

We’re just echoes,

like the melody

of one of those old songs

singing us home.



DJR – 2023

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