Pouring out blood

from an old cut

that never healed.

Peeking out from behind

the lies

that keep me concealed.

Feel like stepping out

on a cloudy day

and letting all this pain

fall like rain.

I want to feel

the clouds burst

in my soul,

wash me clean,

and make me whole.

I want to stand

in the middle

of the river

while it flows,

and let it take

this sinful skin

right off my bones.

Holding on

to shadows

with broken hands.

Light shines through

the holes in who I am.

They say it’s the clothes

that make the man.

If that’s the case

then leave me

naked as I am.

I want to feel

the lightning

strike my mind.

Wake up

what’s fallen asleep inside.

All I’ve got to burn

is flesh and time.

Watched them both

go up in smoke

and I

am still alive.

One day

there won’t be

much left of me.

A little bit of dust

and a couple memories,

but words,

out as far as the eye

can see.

Maybe enough

to set my soul free.



DJR – 2023

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