Can’t stop wondering

what this is all for.

The reasoning

has long escaped me.

Guess I’ll just settle

for not knowing

and start climbing

all these walls

life’s stacked against me.

Pay the price

every day.

A little sweat,

a little more time.

I’m selling my life

by the hour

and I’m told

I shouldn’t mind.

But every morning

I wake early,

before the sun,

before the crowds.

And I sit here

in silence,

wondering if today’s

the day

it all falls down.

Not sure

if it matters


The dragons

all sit upon their hoards.

And the rest of us work

to keep hunger at bay,

but the only thing they fear

are spirits

more wicked than they.

It’s more than anyone

wants to take on,

but in these small hours before dawn,

I imagine us

rising to slay

the dragons that make

our lives

so hard to get on.

I just don’t know

what it’s all for.

Will I find the courage

to stand and fight for

what I believe,

what I know is right?

Or will I come home tonight,

and shut off my mind,

just like every other time?

Are there still

shining, white knights?

I know

it’s been a while

since anyone’s stood up

to these dragons

on high.



DJR – 2023

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