THe Garden of The Snake


Trip into

the garden of the snake.

One more mistake

that I have made.

Words slide into each other.


there’s no time

to be afraid.

Daylight beckons

at my window.

Night waits patient

at my door.

I tell you, friend,

I’ve been waiting

on the end,

but I’m not waiting


I can see its scales

in the sky.

I can hear its voice

in my mind.

I tell you it sings

a song of everything,

but my heart

tells me it’s a lie.

It’s beautiful

where the sea

meets the evergreen trees.

More lights at night

than those concrete streets.

The snake likes to say,

it makes life complete,

but I wrestle with God,

and I can barely compete

with myself.

Choices made

are choices made.

Count the grass,

every blade.

Count the birds,

every one.

Count down

until I come undone.

Careful where to wander.

Careful where you roam.

The garden of the snake

seems great,

but it isn’t home.

When I come down,

I’ll be gone.

Open up my door

to the night,

and my windows

to the dawn.

That old serpent

just keeps on

singing that same old song.

The kind that serenades

all our mistakes,

right into his coils,

right into our graves.

Not sure we ever get away.

Stray not

near the garden

and it won’t be your fate.

Trip lightly.

Stay safe,

outside the garden gates.



DJR – 2023

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