Mental Health Monday – 08.14.23


Quick thought for today:

How do you solve the riddle that is you?
How can you get the best out of yourself?
How do you change your behavior?

Do you humiliate yourself? Beat yourself down? Starve yourself until you comply?
I’ve tried these, and they don’t work. They’re not sustainable.

Or, do you treat yourself with love. Do you  build up support systems to assist in accomplishing the things you want to achieve? Do you speak positively of the future? Do you have hope? Do you have faith? These things work, and they’re sustainable over time.

If you’re going to defeat your greatest enemy, and your greatest enemy is you, then maybe you might want to take another tactic than mutually assured destruction. After all, even if you win, you still have to live with yourself.

Start from love. Work from there.

You’ll appreciate it later.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be Blessed.

Much Love!


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