Holding on for Autumn


I can feel

a coldness creeping in

to your heart,

like early mornings

in late summer.

I can see your eyes

drifting in,

like an abandoned ship

sitting on calm waters.

What is this?

Is it time to let

the forests of yesterday


Turns out

the only way

for new growth to take hold

is in the ash lands.

Heaven help me,

I know you feel it, too.

Just a little thing,

a few degrees cooler

than it was yesterday.

I watch your face turn away

and I find mine

doing the same.

It’s as if we both

have had

mid-summer dreams,

but now the curtain’s closing

on this scene.

I’m afraid to lose you.

Are you afraid to lose me?

What comes next

could be anything.

I reach out,

amid this

endless breath

and I find your hand

reaching out for mine.

Our palms find each other,

fingers wound around

in desperate grip

that screams without volume.

Something warm

in the freshness of the morning.

Sun, slow climbs

as the worm turns over.

This water

won’t stay still forever,

just as the ashes

must soon yield new growth.

We may drift away

in the autumn breeze,

but we will never

drift apart.



DJR – 2023

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