Take it upon myself,

this task

that I am not endowed

with the wit,

nor the strength

to pull it through.

But it must be done

and there is no other.

Watched too many dawns rise,

spilling their golden light

into the eyes

of an envious,

thankless crowd.

They never look up,

always drawn down.


and absorbed in all their crimes.

No time,

or inclination

to make it their turn

driving forward.

Why am I to say,

“I can.”?

All I can do

is try.

I’ve been derelict

as anyone else.

I have not done

my best

to make things better.

Here I am today.

no different than any other.

What makes today the day?

Why is this the time?

I don’t think

that I have an answer,

just a desire to say,

“I tried.”

I know

it won’t be easy,

but I’ll go

one day at a time.


I put my pen down

and draw

a new




DJR – 2023

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