First Place (In a Loser’s Race)


Some change,

some day

will take all the pain away.

Until then

have to stay,

like a hunter on the chase.

Some days,

some ways

feel more like prey.

Something in pursuit

and there is

no end to it.

Keeping just ahead of time

is a losing race.

Capturing the moment

in mind

is all it takes.

Praying for a moment more

is a futile game.

No one ever takes first place.

Take down the bull.

Feed and multiply.

Victory is short lived.

From the corner of our eyes

we see time

lurking along the treeline,

stalking us,

and we know

one day

it’ll all be over.

Some say

some stay,

but all the good ones go.

We are only here today,

no promise of tomorrow.

Some fade,

some pay,

and yet we end up either

predators or prey,

but we change roles

along the way.

Life is such a silly game.

Human rules

in a cosmic interlude.

Who says it’s true?

Do we really know

what we can do?

Some change,

some day

it’s gonna come

one way

or another.



DJR – 2023

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