Can’t even see the sun.

Can’t even hear the waves.

Can’t even feel the wind.

Can’t even stay in place.

Seeing you look around,

seeking for an escape.

The expression on your face

clearly indicates that you

thought all of this was real.

Wish I could turn you on,

the way the information does.

Wish I could make you come

back to your senses. Gone

are the days of innocently

living our lives.

We’ve been exposed

to something deadly.

Now we only have a little time.

I’m running through

all the possibilities

for you.

What I find looks grim,

doesn’t seem like much

that we can do.

You’ve unplugged yourself,

not as easy as

just plugging yourself

back in.

Once you’ve stepped off

the reservation,

it’s not easy going back again.

The world looks a little different

from the outside.

This is the press of time.

The cost of life.

You couldn’t stay tied

to that place of lies.

Not everyone

is built to carry on

in an illusion.

Tear the page a little bit,

find what lays behind it.

Something’s burning in the dark.

Follow the light and find your spark.

Taste the sun and burn the nerve.

Open and learn the words.

This is where you’re meant to be,

out in the truth, and free.

Unplugging yourself

is an invitation

to struggle with yourself.

No other way forward.

You’ve made your choice, now.

Best to get in,

all the way.



DJR – 2023

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