Separation Anxiety



is always such sweet sorrow.

Even long good-byes


but hit

like an unavoidable blow.

The moment comes

complete with the scent

of blood in the nostrils.

The whining high

of a sucker punch.

Dodge it

like in a dream,

syrup slow,

like long winter cold.

The moment approaches,

not like a locomotive,

but as if the surface of the Earth

becomes a great wave,

rising up

to smash down atop us,

obliterating us

and everything we know.


how one thing can be removed

from our environment

and it changes

the entire place.

Perspective viewed

through two sets of eyes,

or more,

is not the same

as solitary vision.

It doesn’t matter,

the distance or the duration.

Sometimes we dread a moment,

as we might dread a lifetime.

Anyone who has experienced

true loss

will tell you

that memory

is poor recompense.

But it is our lot

in this world

to come and go.

Born alone,

we drift together,

then apart again.


is life’s favorite device

it seems,

when comedy

does not suffice.

We come and go.

Bonfire bright,

but sometimes low,

as candlelight.

Both realities


at the same time.



DJR – 2023

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