Land and Sky


Consciousness speaks

every word

into being.

Breathes life

into thoughts

and ideas.

Sparks fire

to life


How could we ever become numb

to such wonder?

What could pull us down

to set aside miracles?

A lie,

so well spoken

that it even deceives

the lips

of they who speak it.

A song,

so attractively arranged

that it fools

even the composer.

We fit

into the thin line

on the horizon

that delineates

land from sky.

All our existence

on a postage stamp size piece

of rock

in the middle of silence.

We shouldn’t matter,

yet somehow,

we do.

How do we reconcile

our lives

with that of stars?

How do we make sense

of making sense

of any of it?

What good does it serve us

to calculate the mass

of gas giants

hundreds of light years away?

What utility

in smashing atoms

all the way back

to the dawn of creation?

What is thought?

Who are we?

Strange creatures

but only passing similarity

with anything we’ve seen

until now.

Does this change

when something comes down

from the sky?

Does it answer our “Why?”

One blink

of the all-seeing eye.

Our hearts,

our thoughts,

our minds

don’t fit into

the background noise

we hear.

Our voices clear,

our words alive.

What place do we play

in time?

Do we find out

when we die?

Or when we break the plane,

that thin line

that separates

land from sky.



DJR – 2023

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