Today is Love


We waited.


Did we think

that tomorrow

would come along

to save us?

What sense

did it make

to stake

all our gains

on a day

that has never come?

Waiting on a moment,

instead of embracing

this one,

is a lot like

holding our breath.

The air that’s keeping

us alive

is the same

we should be breathing now.

We can’t wait

for tomorrow’s air.

We can’t wait

any longer to exhale.

Just another second,

we’ll be fading out

before dawn comes.


this moment

into our lungs.

Don’t hold it.

Just a pause

in our respiratory cycle.





Today is the day.

Tomorrow is a fantasy.

Love is not something

that is meant to be experienced

in sequence,

It’s immersive.

You’re in it, now.

I’m in it, now.

What are we waiting for?



DJR – 2023

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