What would you

make me?

If I fit your designs,

what shape would I be?

Would you give me wings

and place me in your sky?

Or would you make me shine

and give to me the night?

How can I fit in

to your vision?

Is there any place for me

in your illusion?

Comfort me

with words,

as I covet your purpose.

Puzzle me

with sleight of hand

and misdirection.

Do what you want to,

as I rely on you

to build me up,

or break me down.

Lie to me

and I just might


that I have


all my own.

A sky,

that has no room for you.

An ocean,

that only I may roam.

What would you

make me?

Part of your world,

or orphaned life?

Struggling with

wounds that never heal,

to see the new day


Will be yours,


or mine?



DJR – 2023

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