Judgement Call


Cast the fate of no man.

Throw no ropes for the derelict.

Heed the cautious fall.

Every omen that sits

in the heavens to behold

is either death, or resurrection.

Time passes,

but it is not time

that steals promise,

sinks ships,

or breaks the front lines.

Murmurs heard in the small hours,

as the padding feet of predators,

great and small,

set ambushes upon the day.

Hear the fearful say,

“He ought to have done

as he was told.”

Knowledge of choice

is not reckless fearlessness,

but courage in the face

of divine consequence.

One man sees the coming storm

and all calamity

as a test

of what mettle makes him.


sees the storm as his master’s hand.


and symbolic of admonishment.

Which is the son of vanity?

The man who stands ready,

or the one that shrinks in fear?

Both stand to lose.

Both are afraid.

Why is one strong

and the other weak?

Be what may come.

Set no trap for others,

but that they might see one

standing strong amongst the aftermaths.

Cunning connivers.

knives out and guilt drives them.

Shame harnesses them like an ass,

and drives them into service,

for like it or not,

each shall serve their master.

The light breaks through,

and the clouds relent.

What illuminates our character

is not how well we face the dark,

but how we face the dawn.

All will lose.

All will fail.

None will know what it is

to not fall short

of the perfect light of dawn.

No man shall judge,

but the day will reveal

to each of us our losses,

and to all of us, our fragility.

Strength comes

not from haughty words,

or imagines virtues,

but from the love

of brother to brother,

sister to sister.

All as one.

Fail one,

and fail them all.

Signs of life

even creep in

amongst our gravestones.

Time is but a meter,

not a stick, or carrot.

We are in this world

for far too short a time

to understand it.

So, our work must be

not to cast our fates on others,

but to help strengthen them,

help them grow.

To love thy neighbor as thyself,

as much as it is in us.



DJR – 2023

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