Mental Health Monday – 07.31.23



Feeling trapped?
Locked down?

Yeah. Mondays can be like that.

We can feel incarcerated by our jobs, our relationships, our finances, our obligations. Even the deep dreamers amongst us have to occasionally come up for air, and when we do, we encounter the nets laid out for us.

I guess there is one true blessing, in that whatever traps our bodies, can only keep them so long. We all will retire of this earth and find whatever awaits us in the next. We can only be shackled to our fates while we draw breath here, so each of us is going to face our “Day of Emancipation.” It is guaranteed.

Okay. Less morbid. Too much death thinking this early isn’t good for you. How do we liberate our minds, our bodies, our lives, while we yet live? How do we thrive with the banal weight of life that sits upon our shoulders, keeping us from achieving the heights we can see and imagine?

Well, we can look at the writings of the apostle Paul, who was only minding his own business on the road to Damascus (Going to work on a Monday morning?) when he gets struck blind and later gets thrown in prison for his troubles. But from prison, within the confines of those walls,  Paul drafts letters to the new and burgeoning Chirstian church. He helps foment what will become a Faith thousands of years old and billions strong.

It is not this world that confines us. It is our minds, our hearts, and our spirits that become trapped by the doldrums and trials of our existence. Our emancipation is there for the taking, if we will, but accept it. We are not prisoners. We are free.

Have a great week!

Be safe.
Be Blessed.

Much love!


Acts 20:24

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