Unexploded Grenade


Something about the way

you said my name,

like a prayer,

or maybe just

taken in vain.

It was almost time

to get up

from our bed.

Couldn’t tell if you were asleep,

but I’m certain that you said,

“If you go

for me

go all the way.

I’ll never need

an unexploded grenade.

If you truly want

to keep my safe,

you’ll blow all

my enemies away.”

I stopped in the door.

Waiting to hear more,

but all I heard

were the sounds

of you sleeping.

So, I set off to war,

not knowing what was in store,

but before I closed the door,

I heard you weeping.

Not sure if you spoke

from the dream,

or if you had seen

the future in the dawn

beyond the shade.

But I would never be

to type to fight lightly.

I’d never go away,

if it weren’t necessary.

A price would be paid

to keep you safe

and I would never be

that unexploded grenade.

Years passed

in the dark.

Can’t recall

the start,

but I am here,

waiting in your doorway.

When you see my face

will you turn away

from the scars

that I bear upon me?

I have done these things

to keep you safe.

Will you now,

help to keep me sane?

I have gone and paid the cost,

much more than I can say,

and come face to face

with the exploding grenades.

Will your eyes

now try to ease my pain?

Can you live

with the peace that you claim?

As the dawn comes on

and reveals me,

will you heal me,

or cast me away?

I am not

an unexploded grenade.

For you,

I went all the way.



DJR – 2023

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