Trust Issues


Bring yourself

right to the edge

of all of this.

The high place,

breathtaking view.

City lights

beckon in the dark,

further out,

 the harbor,

and onward,


One step

is all it would take

to get you

from here to there.

All you’ve known,

a puzzle and a chain.

Escape seems


But it’s just one step away.

You only fear to fall,

because you lack the faith

to fly


Crawl back down to

your silly little games.

Sitting in the dark corner

of a blooming neon night.

Crave the scent of culture,

of texture,

of sensation.

It would be so easy

to reach out,

to speak out.

Put it all on one chance,

or two, or three.

But here you are,


Trapped in the tactile.

Bitten once,


forever afraid.

You could step out there

and move

however you want to.

The music speaks to you,

the night calls your name.

The light caresses your skin,

but you don’t trust


so you go home alone


It’s for the best.

The lie that gets repeated in your head.

Perish the thought

of getting what you want.

Wither the nerve

that seeks to feel.

Cuckhold the brain

when it cries out

in dreams.

You are more than you

will ever see.

Trapped inside

a tragedy.

Chained to pain

you can’t escape.

You play

sad, little games

and waste away.


of what you could be.

Don’t be the thing

you’re living to deny.

If you can climb,

you can fly.

Trust your heart.

Trust the sky.



DJR – 2023

2 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. Oh, this is beautiful. So melancholic, yet wishful… wonderfully balanced and filled with well placed imagery. Thank you so much for sharing!

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