Hunting Predators


Tough to say

how big a job it is,

until you get started,

but you eat a mouse

and an elephant

each, one bite

at a time.


your eyes are bigger

than your stomach,

and you’re consumed

by what you set out to eat.

Hunting predators

isn’t the same

as taking game.

The rules that apply

go both ways.

Everything is prey

to everything else,

that’s the way

the world is.

Can’t change one thing


changing everything.

House of cards.

Path of dominoes.

We never now

which way it’s gonna fall,

until we take

that first one down,

and even then,

nothing is certain.

Can’t lay claim

to the hungriest eyes,

or sharpest teeth,

or quickest mind.

There is always one

bigger and hungrier.

Those that birth stars,

and those that devour them.

We sit,

barely on the observer’s edge,

hunting predators.

Time digests us,

back from our childhood,

until it’s gnawing on our bones.

Never afraid,

just constantly devouring.

Seconds, minutes, days.

Taking food from our plate

every moment that we breathe,

but when we recede

we no longer feel its teeth.

Sitting up

on a windswept bluff,

calling in,

hunting predators.

Those who would eat

from our flock.

Steal from our herd.

Those who would cause harm

to the weakest of us.

Twisted opportunists.

Nothing that can’t be solved

with good aim

and a little patience.

Didn’t know how bad

the problem was,

until I got started.


I’m in it for the long haul.

One bite

at a time.

Don’t think I

could be anything else

in what duration

I have left.

Hope my eyes

are as big as the sky,

and I’m a world-eater.

One bite

at a time.



DJR – 2023

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