Mental Health Monday – 07.24.23



We’re all going to face hardship. Shit, it’s Monday. How many of us could have used another day, or two, or twelve before heading back to work?

Here’s a question;
of you were challenged, right now, to win a fight, run a few miles, lift your own body weight, come up with $1000, plan a wedding, plan a funeral for a loved one, find new job, speak in front of 100 people,
how many of those things would we be seriously stressed to do?

How do we build in resilience, or increase adaptability? Well, we have to first do the thing we like to do least – we have to expose our weaknesses. We need to find out what we are avoiding, the things we are afraid of, and, more importantly, the thing that hurt, and we need to face them.

Many of us are not in good shape. We lie to ourselves and tell ourselves that we’ll rise to the occasion when called upon. We thing we’ll figure it out on the fly, but that is not resiliency, or adaptation – that’s hope.

Hope is okay, but why rely on the vagaries of fate to get us by? All it takes to build resiliency is one small act of defiance against the inner voice that tells us that we can’t. It’s a commitment to discipline in one area of life. (In my opinion,  fitness is your best ROI). It’s making a single good choice, done over, and over, and over. The results will become evident.

The cool thing is, you will start to see that resilience built and effort put in in one area bleeds over into other areas. Face one fear, then you will be able to face others. Get your budget right and feel the stress recede. Work out regularly and notice how much better you feel daily. It’s not crazy to do. It just requires a little perseverance.

You can do it.
I can do it.
We can do it.

When one individual becomes more resilient, we all benefit.

Have a great week.

Be safe.
Be well.

Much Love.


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