The Ocean and The Sky


Crave the lie.

Die with such delight.

Invade yourself.

Venerate your safe space.

Undo the bonds

that trapped you in the fold.

No one good

ever grows old.

Trust only that

you will let go.

Trace amazing ways

across the stars.

No one

will ever know your face,

they will only know you

by your scars.

When you’ve given way

to everything

and there’s nothing left of you.

Spread out,

like oil upon the ocean,

but your whole world

is just a tide pool.

One day,

you’ll open your eyes

and see

that you believed a lie.

That’s what they pray

for you;

to be saved

from drowning, too.

Fits and starts,

we fall apart

and crumble to the ground.

The crashing waves

take away

every other sound.

You can only live

until you die,

between the ocean

and the sky.

The only way

you’ve ever known.

We pray,

the current

brings you home.



DJR – 2023

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