Precious Tenuous


Turning your entire world

upside down.

Give it a shake

and see what comes out.

Dreams caught between the moments,

like money in the cushions.

Pushing all the noise aside,

you find out your grip

on all of this

is precious tenuous.

Called to heed another lie,

crisis of Faith

shouldn’t shake your mountains.

You came

from a place

of ugliness

and flames.


you have made

it out

of the conflagration.

Let them laugh

and call you, “Christian,”

but you know what it means

to have felt the weight

and suffered darkness.

No weapon formed against you

shall prosper.

Learning what it is

to discern truth,

from false signs,

to gifted grifters.

Everyone is out here

selling saviors,

you’re just hanging on,

not buying in.

You’ve made

it this far.

No way

you’re giving up, now.

They say

it’s got to be hard,

and it is.

That’s what life’s about.

You’re learning

all these crucial lessons.

The world is round,

so how do we know

when it’s upside down?

You’ve got

a good sense of direction.

You’re starting

to figure it out.

Don’t stop now.



DJR – 2023

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