Nexus in the Airport Lounge


Time changes.

Early morning flights.

Memories of things

that have never happened,

in places I have never been.

Check the time.

Am I mountain,

or east coast?

Doesn’t matter.

The bartender

in the airport lounge

serves anyone

who sits down.

We’re in a nexus point,

set outside of space-time.

Ask myself,

Where do I really want to go?

Break free of the current time line

and see

just what hides beyond the gate.

I remember

the moon

out over the water.

I remember

the sound of your laughter.

I don’t know

what is real

and what is not.

Whether this is the present,

or some other future.

The possibility

of past lives,

or concurrent ones

begins to hang over me,

until the bartender

ask me if I want another.

I decline.

Say “Thank you”

and pay my tab.

I have another flight to catch.

I have a future

out there.


I have a home.



DJR – 2023

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