Light Shine


I think I get it now,

all the rules You laid down.

I think I understand

the Love behind Your plans.

I know I was

trying to be numb.

Broken and hoping

that bliss would overcome.

Straight is the way

and narrow the door.

We die in the middle,

still asking for more.

It’s a shame.

It’s a sin.

Where it all begins

is in the places

we’re missing


I think I’ve come around

to the way You have found.

I think it’s clearer here.

The past starts to disappear.

Back when I did drugs,

I tried to end my pain.

Hiding from myself

and chasing life away.

I didn’t see it then.

I didn’t comprehend.

Nothing I did made sense,

but You saw me though the end.

You didn’t let me

fall in upon myself.

The simple comfort

of succumbing,

becoming my own hell.

I guess You know me

all too well.

Even if I go now.

I’ve fought another round.

Even if this is it,

I will never forget

that You showed me

how this life could be

without all of my

creative miseries.

You shone light upon

my longest mysteries.

Somehow You’ve always

been there for me.

How could I have been so blind?

Now, I see the light shine.



DJR – 2023

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