From the Dirt


Under all of this.

Storm swell,

washed up detritus.



Smoke and ash.


cities laid to waste.

Not even very far.

Beyond the mud,

cooked layers,

and blood and oil.

Just beneath,

we will always find

clean soil.

Push on a few years,

the Earth consumes

our fate,

like an old scar.

Dirt nurtures the seed,

that grows the tree

and soon,

even memory becomes hidden

by a new forest.

All there will be

is deep green

thick canopy.

No one will know

that in amongst the new growth

lays the evidence

of our ruin.

Tragedy befalls,

but even tragedy

is a fleeting thing

in the eyes

of nature,

of cycles,

of life

that measure time

in cosmic turnings.

These wounds

will heal.

We will rise

from the dirt.



DJR – 2023

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