Path of Cain


Raise a fist,

defiant one.

Stand in the front.

Show them what they’ve done.

Your eyes look up

to pull the clouds from the sky.

You’ve done all you can.

Everything, except try.

The bodies before you

are the work of your hands.

“How could God let this happen?”

You don’t understand.

The hatred in your heart

could make glass from the sand.

You walk the path of Cain

to your bitter end.

Bitter and sorrowful,

it taints your resolve.

It poisons your affections.

It perverts what you love.

It makes pain of pleasure.

It’s how darkness evolves.

It’s more than a problem,

it destroys what it solves.

Even your kiss

becomes a bite.

Your embrace grows tight.

All your perceptions

become bent by your spite.

Ambition becomes a crutch.

Jealously becomes a drug.

Hatred grows inside you,

until joy becomes disgust.

Misanthropy becomes your name,

walking the path of Cain.

Create excuses.

Live on lies.

Exalt your race.

Proclaim your pride.

March off to war,

because you’re empty inside.

Blame everyone else

for the pain in your life.

So easy to fall in line

with living life

looking in from the outside.

Everyone suffers.

Everyone dies.

Everyone deserves a chance at life.

So, pick up yours,

and work the earth,

until it yields your first gains.

Step off the path of Cain.



DJR – 2023

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