Feet on the ground.

Did the Earth

ever feel

so hollow?

Sink the roots deeper.

Got to find the source.

Got to find the soul

that’s gone missing.

There it is.

Right where it always was.

Couldn’t feel it

to touch it.

Like dying of dehydration

in the middle

of the ocean.

Or feeling alone

in a crowd.

We are such fickle things.

One moment,


and almost


The next,


Porcelain skin

and eggshell heart.

We look up,

and two things

capture our minds;

either the haunting beauty

of the starlit cosmos,

or the stark emptiness

of a cold and lonely universe.

Cloven in dichotomies.

We create our own,

even deeper divisions.

Insulating ourselves

from what sustains us.

Denying our own life,

our own existence.

Hands high

and feet deep.

Strange conduits

we become.

Above and below

somehow meeting

in the dendrites

of these unusual creatures.

Strip off

the outer layers.

Feel alive.

Feel everything.



DJR – 2023

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