Mental Health Monday – 07.10.23


Late post today, but it’s there.

Life is crazy. Choices come at us at lightning speed, and it takes the concentration of an F-1 driver to navigate the path head of us. We face lane changes and forks in the road. Traffic. Speed up? Slow down? Fellow travelers helpfully ssuggestwhich course we should take. The variability of our life experience is seemingly endless.

But there are some things that can help. There are things that can calibrate our inner compass to some kind of “True North” and guide us in a direction that may not end in disappointment, or tragedy.

Someone recently told me, “Sometimes you have to pass on the good opportunities for the great ones.” This really stuck with me. What qualifies as a “great opportunity”? When in our lives are we faced with a choice between the good and the great?

For me, that choice ccan notbe made clearer than with my Faith in Jesus Christ. The stark delineation between what is great and what is merely good is laid bare when I take into account a life beyond the one I know and experience now.

When I choose to live for God and something bigger than myself, I choose the great choice. When I choose to do what I have to, rather than what I want to, I choose the great choice. When I choose to look after my body and mind, so that I can look after others, I choose the great. When I choose faith over doubt,  love over hate, and courage over fear, I choose the great.

We all have a hundred choices to make every day, but it’s those little choices that make up the big parts of us. When we choose to do what’s right and good, we elevate our whole world and those around us. God sets our path ahead according to our free will.

Choose the great in your day to day life. Good is only that – it’s good. You were meant for more.

Have a great week!

Be safe.
Be Blessed.

Much Love!


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