Calling, “Temperance.”


“Temperance,” is your name.

At least,

that’s what you’ve been calling yourself.

A thin disguise

for scar tissue,

brain damage,

and a soiled reputation.


everyone needs to get saved.

Jesus, reaches out and knocks

on everybody’s door

and I guess that day

you were home to answer.

Probably half-asleep

and nursing a hangover,

totally unaware

that the Son of God

was about to change your life.

But He did.

Did He ever.

It’s wild to watch a person

who has never known Love,

become Love.

There’s nothing in this life

that compares to witnessing

another human being

pull up,

out of a downward spiral,

when their whole life’s trajectory

as been certain impact.

It’s glorious.

And Glory, indeed.

God’s Glory.

And God’s Grace is what saves

the wayward and the fallen.

All of us are sinners,

but some of us

are real deep divers.

Some, like you,

dig down deep,

and knowing no other way,

seek to occupy Hell.

Then comes the knock at the door.

You know,

even your face changed.

From stone-hard edges,

and iron-eyed glares,

to a kind of softness

around the eyes and mouth.

A lack of tension,

as if somewhere,

someone had cut a line

and let you loose.

Perhaps, your whole life

had been pain,

and now,

that pain was gone.

You became kind,

where you were mean.


where you had been selfish.


were you were hidden.

And joyful,

in a way that makes all of us

around you smile.

You have been selfless,

and forgiving,

and merciful.

You cast no judgements,

and turn the other cheek, often.

But we have less need

of the peaceful pacifist

these days.

I’m sorry, “Temperance,”

but we need warriors.

I could never ask you

to take back up your mantle of pain,

for God has relieved you of that.

But you have seen Hell,

and know it can be beaten,

and we have need

of your kind

to speak the truth.

The meek will inherit the Earth,

and the prophet will be persecuted.

Each must make their choice,

as you made yours,

so many years ago.

Who will speak for us?

Who will go for us?

Who knows well

the princes and influences

of this world,

as well as they know God’s kingdom?

Who might be brave enough

to speak truth

in the house of lies?

To bring light

into the darkness?

To speak the Word

to a world

that seeks to still the tongue?

Will it be you?

You know I cannot ask you.

My Brother.

My Sister.

Ask yourself this question;

were you saved

for such a time

as this?



DJR -2023

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