Where The Light Goes



diffused through soft skin

in amniotic cradle,

as if morning,

through a thick mist

burns the very air

in burnished, golden flame.

Faint at first,

and then

brighter and brighter.

An enveloping

pure, white exposure.

Our first interactions

with our wavelength.

Our first breath.

not fed umbilical.

The touch

of the universe upon our skin

is our first kiss,

our first love.

We become light,

because in many ways

light becomes us.

From that first spark

that lit the universe

until here,



smiling as it touches our face.

A segue into darkness,

however brief

is always a kind of sorrow.

But light

befriends us as children.

Plays with us,

protects us,

until we are ready

to seek out our own


Light exists

and we are somehow

kindred to it.

We know it,

like we know a mother,

or a father.

When it is our time

to close our eyes

in an old, familiar

kind of moment,

we go

where the light goes.



DJR – 2023

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