Bad Seed


Look at you now.

You’re really turning into something,

aren’t you?

Beautiful in places

where we scarred you.

Blooming flowers

that color your hard truth,

and fruit

where we told you not to.

When you were small,

we thought that we

would cut you down,

cull you out.

We thought nature

wouldn’t let you sprout.

Look at you now.

Turns out you put down some roots


Through this hard packed dirt

and shitty soil.

You grew out of conditions

that were no good for you,

and you chased the Sun,

that much is obvious.

To be honest,

we thought you might have been

a bad seed.

Thought you might not even

germinate to be.

Dropped you in the ground


and wow.

Look at you now.

Had to cut away

some old growth

and a few dead limbs,

but that only made

those that remain

grow strong again.

Coming into your season,

I can feel you breathing,

cleaning the air around you,

and nurturing the ground.

We were so wrong

to think that you weren’t

what we need.

Watched you grow

from a bad seed

into a beautiful tree.



DJR – 2023

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