The Good Pain


It hurts again,

but not like it did

when I held you down.

The time we spent

trying to reach around

and stab each other in the back.

These new attacks

come from higher ground.

It works again.

All those broken pieces

that I put away,

waiting for a certain day

when everything would fall

back into place.

A little bit of Grace

goes a long way.

That verse again,

the same one you made

into your funeral song.

The same one that I’ve been singing

all day long.

I walk thought the valley

and the shadow’s gone,

but the music plays

on and on.

There’s a new tune

that I’ve carried along.

Rebirth again,

not that same old, stagnant stain.

Not the same haunting refrain.

Crossed my mind

a couple of times

to walk away,

but something held me

in this place.

I’ve been moving in circles

at a steady pace

until today.

The pain is a sign

it’s time to abdicate

this space that used to be

our perfect resting place.

Now, out into the unknown

I must race.

Catch a plane

to somewhere far away.

An avenue of escape

has opened in your wake.

It hurts again,

but that just means

it works again.

Everything has a time,

everything has a place,

and I’m going to find mine.



DJR – 2023

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