Sagittal Suture


The place where two sides meet

and everything comes together.

Once a point of separation,

now re-unified.

To think

that all of this,

all that is,

at one time

was not,

isn’t a wild revelation.

This world

and all we understand

at one time

was not

accessible to our consciousness.

Once we existed,

we were still

divided in our nature.

Different, dissident, and distant.

Far apart as the stars.


some strange fate

brought us together.

These words,

your eyes, for a moment,

two consciousnesses entwined.

Where two rivers meet

there is often

a clear delineation

where one source ends

and the other begins.

In the end

we become

a great, blue ocean.

A little bit of everyone,


Our bodies,

our minds,

come together.

our spirits,

our souls,


Each of us has telltale signs

of coming together,

of how we entered this world

and how we’ll go.

Two things,

one and to another.


in unison.



DJR – 2023

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